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Boris stands up to Putin: PM delivers warning to Russian President over ‘reckless attack’ | World | News

Boris Johnson has delivered a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin over Britain’s position in relation to the Salisbury attack. As the pair met on the fringes of the international conference in Berlin, Mr Johnson clashed with Mr Putin. A Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister met President Putin in the margins of the Berlin Conference on Libya.

“He was clear there had been no change in the UK’s position on Salisbury, which was a reckless use of chemical weapons and a brazen attempt to murder innocent people on UK soil.

“He said such an attack must not be repeated.”

The statement from Downing Street added: “The Prime minister said that they both had a responsibility to address issues of international security including Libya, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

“The Prime Minister said there will be no normalisation of our bilateral relationship until Russia ends the destabilising activity that threatens the UK and our allies and undermines the safety of our citizens and our collective security.”

The Prime Minister also suggested at the conference that British forces could help police a future ceasefire in Libya.

Speaking ahead of the international conference in Berlin, the Prime Minister said: “If there is a ceasefire, yes, of course, there’s a case for us doing what we do very well which is sending experts to monitor the ceasefire.” 

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Mr Johnson’s comments to Mr Putin referred to a 2018 chemical attack on a former Russian double agent in the city of Salisbury that the British government blamed on Russian military intelligence.

The Russian embassy in Canada responded on Twitter to Boris Johnson’s challenge to the Kremlin on the poisoning attack in Salisbury by casting doubt on the UK’s claims.

The tweet read: “Great Britain is obliged by the convention to ensure consular access and to stop hiding behind the irresponsible formulas of ‘highly likely'”.

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