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James Middleton new girlfriend: Who is Alizee Thevenet and how did they meet?

James Middleton, 31, recently switched his Instagram profile to public, showing fans of Kate Middleton’s, 37, brother a glimpse at his personal life. While the social media page reveals James has nine dogs, loves the outdoors, and is the founder of confectionary company Boomf, it doesn’t reveal anything about his love life. However, the brother of Kate and Pippa, 35, is in fact a taken man and is dating French financial expert Alizee Thevenet, 29. Alizee and James – who had an on-off relationship with actress Donna Air up until last year – were pictured putting on a cosy display during a romantic break to St Barts over the New Year, as they holidayed with Pippa and her husband James Matthews, 43, and his brother Spencer Matthews, 30, and wife Vogue Williams, 33.

But who is Alizee Thevenet?

Alizee is a financial expert who works in London as an analyst for ITG (Investment Technology Group).

She graduated from Queen Mary University in London in 2013, before working in marketing and consultancy before she moved to London to work as an analyst.

Her LinkedIn profile reveals she grew up in six different countries: Germany, Indonesia, Chile, France, Belgium and England.

She also speaks four languages: Spanish, Chile, French, and English.

Alizee describes herself as: “A result-driven individual with good planning and organisational skills with attention to details.

“I have demonstrated ability to find solutions to problems using my creativity and reasoning, I am always open to new ideas.”

Following the couple’s romantic display in St Barts, Alizee’s father Jean-Gabriel Thevenet said he is thrilled with his daughter’s “very charming” new boyfriend.

He told MailOnline earlier this month: “My daughter Alizee is very happy with James, they are very much in love.

“James is a very charming man,” he added. “I am very happy that Alizee is together with James. I know she is very happy. We keep our fingers crossed for them.

“I am not allowed to say how they met, to give away their secrets. You must talk to her or James, they will be back in London soon, but I’m very happy for them.

“I have seen the pictures of Alizee and James in St Barts. They look very happy. Alizee is very happy living in London.”

He also revealed the meaning behind his daughter’s name, explaining he named her after his love of wind-surfing and “the Alize wind that fills the sails.”

James and Alizee are rumoured to have been dating for around six months, and the 29 year old has apparently already spent time with James’ parents, Carole and Michael Middleton.

A source previously told the Daily Mail the couple met in a bar, after James offered to buy her a drink.

“James offered her a drink and Alizee did not know who he was until her friend told her,” a source told the publication.

However, there is no sign of James’ girlfriend on his Instagram account, as the Middletons are known to keep their personal life out of the spotlight – no doubt for the sake of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen consort.

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