Joe Biden’s green energy plans for solar power torn up as not ‘financially feasible’ ||


But Craig Golinowski, managing partner at Carbon Infrastructure Partners (CIP), believes the US administration’s plans to focus on solar power are unfeasible.

Mr Golinowski told renewables are still at a stage where they cannot compete with fossil fuels, warning the US and Europe could face an energy crisis in the future.

He said: “I do not believe that achieving this scenario is technically or financially feasible.

“In fact, I believe both the US and Europe are heading into significant energy crises because many policymakers and the market broadly has confused scenario analysis as being fully vetted planning tools and with actual implementation applied over decades of operations.

“Professors can write as many planning scenarios as they want.

“The actual industry results show that pace of change is likely to slow as renewables gain market share because they are intermittent and unreliable”.

Critics of renewable energy sources like wind and solar argue they are intermittent, meaning their output varies over a 24 hour period.

Solar energy, in particular, does not generate power at night and wind turbines require favourable weather conditions for optimal output.


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