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Princess Diana Royal Travel: Princess of Wales’ huge change on tours after Charles divorce | Travel News | Travel

Princess Diana in her role as Princess of Wales, often represented the crown on royal tours with Prince Charles. Lady Diana was married to the Prince of Wales, the Queen’s eldest son, for 15 years between 1981 and 1996. They divorced a year prior to the mum of two’s tragic death, in 1997. While the pair ventured across the world to promote the monarchy during their relationship, things understandably changed after they separated.

Royal biographer Kitty Kelley detailed the switch in her new book, The Royals.

Kitty told how “the monarch dispatched the Prime Minister to visit Kensington Palace to reassure the Princess that she had a continuing part to play.”

So while Prince Harry and Prince William’s mother was still involved in promoting the monarchy, and her personal charity passions, it was the royal travel perks which appeared to have been taken away.

Kitty wrote: “The palace allowed her (Princess Diana) to make a few goodwill tours.

“They cut back the honours she had once been accorded.”

Kitty told there were “no more high level courtiers or official ladies in waiting.”

She added how: “Her airline seating arrangements were downgraded from first class to business class.”

Meanwhile, during Charles and Diana’s hey day, her dress sense secrets during royal tours came to light.

In the same book, Kitty wrote: “Diana knew that style was the first priority of a Princess, and she was determined to be the best dressed Princess of Wales in history.

“She would show substance beneath the surface later, right now all she cared about was creating a lip-smacking first impression.”

On her stylish wardrobe, Kitty added: “She consulted fashion editors and designers.

“She let them know that she intended to bring style and glamour to her role and and distance herself from the rest of the Windsor women in their white purses, garden party hats and sturdy platform shoes.”

It is well-known the royal family have an entourage when they travel, and it appeared Princess Diana craved a very specific style from her advisors when on tour.

She was later to attend a royal tour with Prince Charles, in 1992, to India where her style was also noted.

Princes Diana tragically died in a car crash in 1997.

Since then, her former husband The Prince of Wales, 70, remains first in line to the throne and often takes on official excursions to represent the Crown when the 92-year-old Queen may consider him more suitable, or the journey too far.

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