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Susan Boyle, 58, who stunned audiences with her audition of I Dreamed A Dream in 2009 on the ITV series, has gone onto worldwide success. The Britains Got Talent finalist is recognised globally but said now she is of a certain age being asked for autographs has lessened. The Scottish native did however, reveal the younger generation like to take selfies with her but she attempts to avoid them. When asked if she still gets approached, Susan divulged to the Sunday Post: Not so much now that Im getting to a certain age.

Its good when the wee ones come up. But they tell me they dont know me because they werent born, but their mum knows me.

Its another generation. You feel as if youve been around forever.

She continued: You do get the wee tough people in Scotland asking for a selfie. They ask: Can I get a photae with ye?

I think, how do you get out of this? You have to be polite! But you get a laugh with them.

Meanwhile, the BGT star recently released her latest album Ten earlier this year, after taking a break away from the spotlight.

Susan opened up about the impact of fame at the height of her success, following Britains Got Talent.

She revealed she felt like an act in a freak show in a heartbreaking admission.

Speaking candidly to the Irish News, the Britains Got Talent favourite divulged: “Suddenly, everything you do is watched and picked apart.

“It felt quite suffocating, almost as though I was an act in a freak show, and that hurt. It was incredibly difficult to come to terms with for a time, but the positives have far outweighed the negatives.

She told the publication: Ive travelled around the world to places I never dreamed possible in my lifetime, I’ve met childhood idols, performed with talented artists and, well, it just keeps getting better and better.

I can honestly say I’m enjoying myself now. I don’t worry that it’s all going to end tomorrow, I just enjoy the moments.

More recently, Susan revisited the moment which made her famous on a global stage,

Reminiscing about what the iconic Les Misrables song means to her, Susan admitted she relates to its message.

She explained to People magazine: Its something I can relate to. Its about a lady who, more or less, was left on her own with nothing.

Lots was taken away from her and she had to rebuild her life again.

The Scottish star added: I started off having a hard time and things have become brighter and better.

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