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Words of Wisdom: Life Lessons with Salman Rushdie

NEW YORK (HeadlineNews) – Magic realism is a literary genre in which narrative is shot through with surreal, dreamlike, seemingly impossible moments. FILE PHOTO: The...

India loses contact with spacecraft on mission to the moon

BENGALURU (HeadlineNews) – India lost contact with a spacecraft it was attempting to land on the moon on Saturday, the chairman of the Indian Space...

Francisco Toledo, artist and activist who injected life into Mexican traditions, dead at 79

MEXICO CITY (HeadlineNews) – Francisco Toledo, who shook up the 1960s Mexican art scene with his fresh approach to painting, sculpting, printing, tapestry weaving and...

Ebola survivors face kidney problems and risk of premature death

LONDON (HeadlineNews) – People who survive Ebola virus infection face a dramatically higher risk of dying – probably from severe kidney damage – within a...

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